Local watercolor artist, Denny Dowdy will have work up through the month of August.  Come in and check out his amazing skill at capturing local scenery in a creative and realistic form.

Denny grew up in the Kansas City area and always had the ability to draw, but lacked the desire to pursue the arts. In the late seventies Denny had a slight change of heart and attended the Art Institute of Colorado, but the liveliness and recreation Denver amply provided, did not agree with the time and discipline necessary to concentrate on art. Vast courses for golf and the Rocky Mountains right at his doorstep to ski on, certainly, did not allow for his aesthetic.

In 1988 Denny Dowdy moved back to Kansas City, and during this transitional time, he dabbled in some pen and ink illustration for local restaurants and Coca Cola USA. In 2002, a major back surgery restricted much of Dowdy’s pursuits, therefore encouraging him, to now, find the desire to pursue his natural talent, art. Upon showing his pencil drawings in a local gallery, Denny Dowdy keenly observed that most of the art displayed were paintings. It was this moment, that he recognized a new interest; that he must learn to paint. Denny chose watercolor, despite the warning from others, that it was the hardest of all mediums to learn.

After studying with Tom Nelson, an instructor at the Kansas City Art Institute, Denny Dowdy started painting in May 2008. 100 paintings later, he is doing local shows and his paintings are hanging in private collections from San Francisco to St. Louis.