Veronique a Paris - Francoise Adnet

Tulips in Greek Urn

Oil on Board, 24 x 18 (in)

Veronique a Paris - Francoise Adnet

St. Lucia Garden

Oil on Canvas, 30 x 40 (in)

Veronique a Paris - Francoise Adnet

NY Memories

Oil on Canvas, 36 x 48 (in)

Waltraud von Schwarzbek

Born in Bavaria
Practices in Prairie Village, KS

Waltraud was born into a family of artists among the mountain forests and fairy-tale castles of Bavaria. There she developed an eye for beauty and a deep appreciation of fine art from an early age. She went on to graduate from the National Academy of Art in Munich, where she honed her technique in the traditions of realism and impressionism.
A great variety of subjects have been captured in Waltraud’s paintings during the course of her career. Her years an illustrator for Columbia Pictures, United Artists, and Warner Brothers applied her skills to a wide range of images. Later, her series of oil paintings of endangered species helped support the Wild Life Fund through the donation of their copyrights. Subjects of her portraiture have included opera stars Placido Domingo and Dame Kiri Te Kanawa as well as U.S. Presidents Truman, Kennedy, and Carter. In 1997, former president Carter was delighted to sign her portrait of him depicted in a Native American headdress.
Waltraud is perhaps best noted for her floral works in oil on panel, often compared to those of old masters such as Rachel Ruysch and Jan van Huysum. Her floral paintings have been published for over seven years and a color plate appeared in the 1997 North Light Book’s “The Best of Flower Paintings”. Also, The Bradford Exchange has featured her work on a series of limited edition porcelain plates.

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