Untitled Nude

Mixed Media on Canvas, 30 x 30 (in)


Mexican, b. 1944
Practices in New York, N.Y.

Quick Facts:

Born in Mexico City, Mexico | Studied with José Bardasano Baos

Victoria (Vicky) Montesinos discovered early in her youth that drawing was not only an escape from her problems, but also a craft that reaped much personal reward. So much reward, that painting master José Bardasano Baos, her mentor, forced her to finish secondary school or she would no longer be his student.Begrudgingly, Montesinos forged ahead and earned her diploma. Concurrently, under the tutelage of Bardasano, Montesinos fell deeply in love with painting and set out to uncover every detail of her subjects — each component of the flora, every curve of the human figure. Her impressionist floral works are evidence of this love and they reflect her sophisticated and cultured upbringing in Mexico. Her figures, testimony to this love, are executed through her magnificent brush, great skill, and creative passion and it is difficult to resist the urge to caress them.

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