Double Head Study

Oil on Canvas, 47.2 x 46.5 (in)


British, b, 1966
Practices in Sattahip, Thailand

Quick Facts:

Born in Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK) | MFA, Newcastle University | BA, Bradford & Ilkley College of Art |

Thomas Donaldson visceral works of the portrait/nude have been a traditional subject in the history of painting, one that is easily recognized and continues to be popular for artists. Donaldson has developed a process of painting through abstraction, mark making and impasto. His results are familiar, imperfect, and sometimes slightly awkward, but his process is critical to creating work that counters consumer culture and the “ideal of beauty” created and reinforced by the media. His paintings are true testament to the elegance of the human form, with all of its flaws. Although the works are representational and figurative they intend to suggest, rather than depict an accurate observation of his subject. This is more apparent as the viewer approaches the work, the painted surface dissolves into a seemingly unorganized arrangement of blotches and irregular textures. Donaldson cites Francis Bacon, Egon Schiele, Ralph Steadman, Francisco Goya, Antoni Tapies, and James Ensor among his influences.

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