Veronique a Paris - Francoise Adnet

Veronique a Paris

Oil on Canvas, 32 x 25.5 (in)


French, 1924 – 2014
Practiced in Paris, France

Quick Facts:

Born in Paris | Self taught |

Françoise Adnet could be the poster child for a prolific body of work. Over her 70-year career, she produced more than 3,500 works of art. By comparison, predecessor Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) has roughly 1300 paintings to his credit and Van Gogh (1853-1890) a mere 900. She once said, “When I paint, I do not know how to stop.” Adnet was inherently talented. The daughter of Jacque and Luce Adnet, the former a renowned furniture designer best remembered for his contribution to French Modernism, she received no formal training in visual art, not even from her father. Her parents, instead, invested in musical training for Adnet who spent the early part of her adulthood performing concerts in Paris, Berlin, Dusseldorf and others. Her immense body of visual work, however, could be attributed to those years of music study. The rigors of musical training may be the root of her exhaustive efforts. As a young girl, Adnet found immense solace in the process of drawing and painting, therefore devoting all of her free time to creating, a habit which lasted a lifetime.

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