Days of Wine and Roses

Oil on Canvas, 24 x 30 (in)



Quick Facts:

An Accomplished Guitarist

Artist Steven Quartly’s pallet knife cuts and blends, and the myriad tiny touches pull watchers heart-first into a majestic landscape here, a quiet urban-Europe quarter there or a simple still life. The balance and color palette compel in Quartly’s impressionistic scenery and still life work; but it’s the details-a bright yellow flower popping through a cobblestone; the long view through an open door-that engage.  “For me, every painting is a song,” Steven

Classical training in oil, which began at age 13 in Novato, California was the disciplined instruction upon which Quartly, now 33, has so rapidly built a career. Absorbed by the 19th century impressionist masters through high school and college, his passion for painting-and his grasp of lighting and perspective which makes his current work so appealing-grew.


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