Wall/Ceiling Plates

Glass plates with silver foil backing: 26, 22, 16 (in)

Seattle Glassblowing Studio

Handmade by glass artists in Seattle, WA

Seattle Glassblowing Studio was founded in 1991, by Cliff Goodman in the tradition of the studio glass movement. After beginning his career in glass in 1976, Cliff studied alongside glass master, Fritz Driesbach, and attended the famous Pilchuck School. Currently, his artwork is featured in collections around the world.

Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, Seattle Glassblowing Studio specializes in the production of unique hand-blown and hand-sculpted glass art. The Seattle Glass Blowing Studio creates only original work in their own on-site Hot Shop including their studio series and custom artworks. Their portfolio displays a wide selection of unique pieces, from small gifts to large installations.

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