Mixed Media Bas Relief, 25 x 20 (in)

McCreery Jordan

Practices in Santa Fe

From Focus Santa Fe Magazine:

“McCreery Jordan is known for her exquisitely painted, intensely lyrical art. Her style and subject matter are strictly her own, yet her constant experimentation keeps her work fresh and magical. Her mixed media pieces, in particular, reflect an astonishing ability to invoke both mystery and clarity”.

McCreery has lived in Santa Fe since 1993. She has conducted workshops throughout the United States for the past twenty years and imparts her passion for art to her students while teaching them the solid skills that are at the heart of her own work. She is proficient in oil, acrylic, encaustic, and bronze, and she frequently combines them for maximum effect. She frequently works billboard size.

Jordan’s work has appeared in many publications, most recently in New Mexico Millennium Collection “ A Twenty-First Century Celebration of Fine Art in New Mexico. She shows her work in galleries, museums, and invitationals (most recently in Sorrento, Italy), and has garnered many awards and other honors. Her work is represented in many distinguished private collections worldwide.

She is a published poet and has produced two instructional art videos.

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