Acrylic on Canvas, 39.25 x 29.5 (in)


Italian, b. 1992
Practices in Rome, Italy

Quick Facts:

Born in Oradea, Romania | BFA, Academy of Fine Arts, Rome

Leonardo Lili aims to reconcile two opposing artistic expressions – realist and abstract art – specifically, the figure. His breathtaking oversized portraits honor technique, deeply rooted in art history and tradition, juxtaposed with abstract elements. Lili executes random scratching, texturizing, and the addition of color on an otherwise high-contrast black and white artwork. Abstract aside, Lili employs a contemporary approach to his work. Many of his paintings are quite large, the figures are offset and cropped intentionally, offering the audience a larger-than- life review. The enormity of the work coupled with the textural elements are so inviting, it is difficult to resist touching them. Two artistic expressions with a 21st century approach to material and form result in a piece that is balanced, thoughtful, genuine and emotional.

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