Jelly's Last Jam - Keith Shepherd

Jelly’s Last Jam

Acrylic on Canvas, 36 x 48 (in)

Hustlin’ - Keith Shepherd


Acrylic on Canvas, 30 x 40 (in)

Kabuki - Keith Shepherd


Acrylic on Panel, 22 x 26 (in)

Riding In The Back Of My Big Black Daddy’s Cadillac - Keith Shepherd

Riding In The Back Of My Big Black Daddy’s Cadillac

Acrylic on Canvas, 32 x 60 (in)


American, b. 1957
Practices in Kansas City, Mo.

Quick Facts:

Born in St. Louis, Mo. | BA, Fine Art, Washington University, St. Louis

Kansas City-based artist is well-known for his spirited depictions of life and jazz in the black community as well as his representations of athletes and sporting events. A former illustrator for Hallmark Cards, Shepherd cannot remember a time when he wasn’t pursuing creative arts. Shepherd’s work is full of detail, often hidden, begging for the viewer to take a more in-depth look… even come back later for more. His jazz-centered works capture the joy, dancing, love and laughter one would experience in person – you can almost feel the intense heat generated at such an event. Shepherd’s love for his craft, and the city he calls home, is evident through his portrayal of history, his dedication to charity and his growing body of work.

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