Veronique a Paris - Francoise Adnet

Skeletal Study

Graphite and Chalk on Birch, 48 x 24 (in)

Veronique a Paris - Francoise Adnet


Oil and Acrylic on Birch, 18 x 24 (in)

Veronique a Paris - Francoise Adnet


Acrylic on Canvas, 30 x 40 (in)

Jordan Marney

Practices in Kansas City, MO

I’m Jordan Marney (but you might know me as Jordan Watkins). I’m a Florida native, but I fell in love with the Midwest as an architecture student at the University of Kansas. I’ve since set up shop as a full-time artist in Kansas City, where I currently live with my cute husband and our lovable-but-stupid pups. I’m a habitual book sniffer, bourbon drinker, food geek, and baseball fan. I’m also a lover and lifelong student of all forms of art, which brings us here.
I’ve always been interested in various subject matter, techniques, and media, and I love to incorporate different, often dichotomous artistic styles into my work.
My work reflects a unique combination of architectural, technical precision and colorful abstraction, and I love to work with both natural and unconventional materials. I’m inspired by botany, anatomy, the female body, and modernism.

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