At the Concert, 1957

Oil on Masonite, 39.5 x 28 (in)


Hungarian, 1885-1980
Practiced in Gödöllő, Hungary

Quick Facts:

Born in Nagykőrös, Hungary | School of Industrial Design, Hungary

Jenő Remsey was a multi-disciplinary artist who focused on capturing, intensifying and rendering light in his paintings. His training as a designer is evident by the substantial geometric references seen in his figures and garments worn by his subjects. His style is best described as a mix of art nouveau and expressionism. He lived in Gödöllő, Hungary for the greater majority of his life and was part of the Gödöllő Artist Colony which held strong beliefs that artisan-made objects could play an influential role in the lives of people. In addition to painting portraits, Remsey was also known for his etchings, sculptures, textile designs and stained-glass work.

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