Rainbow Sails

Original Oil on Canvas, 52 x 44 (in)


American, 1933 – 2014
Practiced in Potomac, Md.

Quick Facts:

Born in Chicago | BFA, MFA University of Maryland | howardbehrens.com

Howard Behrens paintings are composed of what he referred to as “big, juicy chunks of paint” where sunlight, color and stroke of the knife were exaggerated to create dramatic, emotional works of art. Considered a master of palette knife painting, his expressionist execution coupled with the impressionist influences of Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir and Camille Pisarro resulted in breathtaking, lush, spontaneous representations of landscapes, architecture and people across the globe. In addition to his spectacular paintings, Behrens has published three books on his process and technique and his work can be found in collections across the globe.

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