Cold Mountains I

Oil on Canvas, 31.5 x 23.5 (in)

Hilde Arnesen

Practices/Born in Jevnaker, Norway

Quick Facts:

Studied at Nydalen Kunstskole i Oslo

I have always been very creative. When I was a child I always stopped when something caught my attention. I see the beauty in many things and always take a lot of picture. When I started as an artist I mostly used pencils and drew portraits of humans and animals.After a while I started painting. I have always been interested in feelings, emotions and life after death. I paint landscape now but for me it is the importance of the light and the emotions we feel when looking at something beautiful. When I see something beautiful it is like a religious feeling something higher than me.
My painting mostly comes from inside, it is the feeling I have inside me after visiting places.

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