Betty - Francisco Masseria


Oil on Canvas, 24 x 19.75 (in)

Cecilia - Francisco Masseria


Oil on Canvas, 24 x 19.75 (in)


Italian, 1926 – 2002
Practiced in Europe

Quick Facts:

Born in Parana, Argentina | Self taught | Died 2002, Rome, Italy

Francisco J. J. C. Masseria’s paintings combine abstract art and realism unique to the art world. A decorated young artist, Masseria was encouraged by his non-artist parents to pursue his calling to fine art. Masseria’s superbly classic portraits are captivating. The innocence of his subjects combined with the beautiful skin tones and light source immediate capture the audience attention, but it’s the swirling texture and abstract nature of the remainder of the work invites long-term engagement. Masseria’s movement and use of color in his backgrounds has been compared to predecessor Willem de Kooning, while his romantic realism of his faces to those of masters Peter Paul Rubens and Eugene Delacroix. About his own work, Masseria noted, “My paintings … are not just haphazard. They have a meaning, a significance, and they stand on their own.”

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