Time to Leave

Oil on Canvas, 24 x 30 (in)



Quick Facts:

Gives a painting away at every art show .

Faye Vander Veer recollects that before the age of ten, she was fascinated with drawing and painting people. It was not long after that her dad built her an easel, and she has been painting in the medium of oils ever since. She believes that her paintings always find their rightful owner. Selling a work of art has never been a motivation for her, instead, she is solely motivated by subject of inspiration. Her intention is so overwhelmed by love, that she has been known to tell buyers, if they are to bring apiece of her work back to her, “It’s obviously not their painting, and they have to bring it back so the rightful owner can find it.” Vander Veer has been selling painting s through juried Fine Art Shows ever since she retired from the Federal Government in 2000.

“For me, each painting is a journey into the soul – an opportunity for me to explore my own reactions to the color and light I observe in everyday life. Painting becomes a language I use to express my emotional response to what is before me and share my experience of the subject with others.”


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