Veronique a Paris - Francoise Adnet

Rough Stock

Oil on Canvas, 24 x 30 (in)

Veronique a Paris - Francoise Adnet

Warm Morning Sun

Oil on Canvas, 13 x 26 (in)

Veronique a Paris - Francoise Adnet

True Blue

Oil on Board, 16 x 20 (in)

Veronique a Paris - Francoise Adnet

Engineering 486

Oil on Canvas, 16 x 20 (in)

Veronique a Paris - Francoise Adnet

Northern Cheyenne Scout

Oil on Canvas, 15 x 30 (in)

Veronique a Paris - Francoise Adnet

Outstanding in His Field

Oil on Canvas, 11 x 14 (in)

Don Dane

Practices in Kansas

Quick Facts:

Don was one of four artists commissioned by the Kansas State Lotto Commission to create a painting representative of the state’s 150th anniversary in 2011

Don Dane has been drawing from an early age and has been especially attracted to western and historical subjects. His art career began after visiting the Western Heritage & Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, OK. It was there he saw first-hand original artwork created by the finest western artist in America. It wasn’t until 2002 that Don decided to leave his corporate job behind and focus on being a full time artist. Dane’s medium ranges from watercolor to oil . He focuses mainly on western themed subjects but does not limit himself to just that. A self-taught artist, Dane uses reference photographs and sketches taken on location. He may spend days at a time gathering his research material from various locations and events. He especially likes spending time on working cattle ranches. “I find the American cattle ranches provide what I call a one stop shop for everything I look for in authenticity of the contemporary cowboy” says Dane.

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