Women by the Bay - David Han

Lady with Pear

Oil on Canvas, 30 x 40 (in)


30 x 30 (in)

Women by the Bay - David Han

Women by the Bay

Oil on Canvas, 30 x 40 (in)


Chinese, b. 1968

Quick Facts:

Studied oil painting at Jilian Art Academy

David Han was born in Changchun, China on January 10, 1968. His father owned an antique furniture store and his mother was a pediatrician at Changchun Children’s Hospital. As a child, Han dreamed of becoming a doctor like his mother so that he could help people. However, as David grew older, his father became very ill and relied on him and his brother to manage the store for him. David became very interested in Chinese antique furniture and glass objects. He enjoyed traveling the countryside to find items for the store.

When Han graduated from high school, he changed his mind about becoming a doctor. Instead he shocked his family by entering Jilian Art Academy and studied oil painting. At first his parents were angered by his sudden change, but they soon recognized his artistic talent and passion for art. In 1989 he received the silver medal from the National Officers and Workers Art Exhibition in Beijing in 1990. This marked the beginning of his fame in China.

Since then, Han has become a member of the Jilin Province and National Artists’ Associations. He has participated in the Hong Kong Art Festival Painting Exhibition in 1991 and the National Art Exhibition in 1994. His work was exhibited at the China Art Expo from 2000 to 2004. He received third place at the China Choice Oil Painting Exhibition in 2003, and he participated in the Beijing Young Artists Exhibition.


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