Veronique a Paris - Francoise Adnet

Street Dancers

Oil on Canvas, 22 x 28 (in)

Veronique a Paris - Francoise Adnet

Beach Surf

Oil on Masonite, 19 x 32 (in)

Veronique a Paris - Francoise Adnet


Oil on Canvas, 16 x 20 (in)

David Cooper

Practices Olathe, Kansas

David has been painting for 30 years. He is an alumni of the Kansas City Art Institute educated in the Armin Hoffman “Swiss Style” program of visual expression in the relationships of point, line, and shape. That discipline became the structure of his artwork. Many of his paintings have been painted from memory, things he has experienced or places he has been. His art lives somewhere between reality and expression, contemporary and realism varying in style based on the subject matter and material they are painted on.


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