Norman and Rose - Dan Laurentiu Arcus

Norman and Rose

Charcoal, 28.75 x 42.5 (in)

A Splash of Wonder - Dan Laurentiu Arcus

A Splash of Wonder

Acrylic on Canvas, 19.5 x 27.5 (in)

Dan Laurentiu Arcus

Romania, 1983
Practiced in PBrussels(Be), Bucharest(Ro), Galati(Ro), Cluj-Napoca(Ro)

Quick Facts:

Born in Paris | Self taught |

“Staying receptive to the history and the cultural interaction is one of my main concern. Getting inspiration from cinema, theatre and old photography helps me to put my perceptions in a figurative representation. I experiment with the alteration of the shape and colour using accidents and gesture to express emotional statements or a subtle opinion about contemporary facts. I tried several mediums but somehow I always return to pastel and charcoal as I find them very versatile, easily adapting to my needs of expression.”

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