Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30 (in)


American, b. 1946
Practices in San Francisco, Calif.

Quick Facts:

Born in Toledo, Ohio | Bowling Green State University |

Colleen Ross is known world-wide for her unique and unforgettable depiction of women. At 15, Ross entered the art world in when she recognized her love for female face and form as she was fascinated by women seen on film and in romance comics. She discovered how painting allowed her to express herself. Ross’ distinctive play with thick and colorful pigments, allowed her to bring life to her visions, and capture the evocative essence and indescribable mystery and depth of women. Her unique style quickly catapulted her into the art scene where she emerged as a highly desirable portrait artist and developed an impressive celebrity following. Her sell-out shows, celebrity events, and charity work has garnered the attention of international media. Her work has been featured in PEOPLE Magazine, UPI Press, New York Times, USA Today, Variety, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Access Hollywood, Barbara Walters, movies, TV shows, and more.

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