Lillies - Alexandra Kruglyak

Lillies, 2005

Oil on Canvas, 20 x 16 (in)

Lillies - Alexandra Kruglyak

Blue Grapes, 2005

Oil on Canvas, 15.75 x 11.75 (in)



Quick Facts:

Born 1971 in the southern part of Ukraine

Alexandra’s desire to paint was evident from an early childhood where despite lack of resources and training, she showed tremendous in her early expressions. As the time went by Alexandra took her hobby more seriously and for two years received lessons under the tuition of Lasar Shteermer, an honorary jury member of the coveted Russian Art Society. In 1988, she attended the University of Kiev, where for half a year she studied the advanced art of drawing, and the basics of commercial composition and design. This passion for colour and texture eventually landed her a place on a prestigious course of Fine Art and Design at the Belarus State University. While there, she studied under Alexander Sorokin & Ivan Lisicza both highly commended and recognised artists in the Soviet Union. In 1995 she graduated with a Master’s Degree and embarked on a life long career as a Freelance Artist & Designer.

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