Blue Boots

Oil on Canvas, 36 x 36 (in)


Quick Facts:

Owned and operating an art business for 12 years | Owned and operating a fishing resort for another 11

“I’m a mixture of nationalities, like most American’s, which greatly influences my interest in capturing all walks of life. I don’t fit into one category, and neither does anyone else. That’s what makes life so interesting!
As a contemporary artist I feel all artists have a certain obligation to provide some kind of a moral conscience for society. There is already plenty of ugliness in the world, so I like to focus on what is beautiful, what is peaceful, and what is inspirational. It is my mission to use my work as a means to provide bits and pieces of joy and happiness in life. For me, painting is a form of thinking. It is a way of living. It is a mission. It is a connection to something greater than myself.”

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